Monday, December 14, 2009

What 2010 Looks Like...

The following information is from a wedding industry consulting firm:

Estimated number of weddings: 2.16 to 2.18 million
Estimated spending per wedding average: $20,000 to $22,000
Estimated number of guests: 135 to 145

- Couples will want simple yet elegant events at a lower cost. They will choose DIY (do it yourself) and thriftiness as a way to cut cost
- DIY is bigger than ever and will continue to increase on items from Invitations to flowers
- From the dress to shoes, vintage will be in big demand
- June 2010 will be busier than normal. Couples that put off their 2009 June wedding, because of the recession have booked for June 2010
- Candy buffets will be very hot
- Warm, bright, bold, and vibrate color tones are in for 2010
- In vintage style, black and white photography shots will be in higher demand
- While it hasn’t gone mainstream, video streamed live weddings will continue to gain interest
- Tungsten is the hot metal for 2010, couples are looking for both engagement rings and wedding bands in tungsten
- As with 2009, couples will continue to want package deals over a la carte
- As with 2009, couples will continue to rely on family and friends to save money
- As with 2009, we will continue to see smaller weddings with fewer guests

Some comments from what they've reported:
First, I think the theme is a move away from the more elaborate and extravagant pre-recession days and a return to more conservative budget and fashions, guest lists, etc.

I'm not sure I see tungsten carbide as an alternative to engagement and wedding bands...not for women anyway. The metal is heavy and dense and a shiny metallic grey. While I think it's great for men, I'm not sure if women want something like that. And if you're interested, make sure the tungsten carbide has no cobalt is the mix is toxic. Also, while it is very resistant to scratches, it will shatter if hit hard enough...and you do have to hit it pretty hard.

Of course, in the financial vein, you an save your guests some money and get the most from their wedding gifts by registering - no sales tax, no shipping charges, and receive the funds to invest in your future.

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