Saturday, October 3, 2009

A shameless plug for our wedding photographer...

I've been to plenty of weddings and have seen many photographers and our photographer is the best I've seen. I'm not saying that because it's my wedding...many of my friends and family have comment on his work as well.

We "discovered" him when the photographer we wanted wasn't available for our wedding. He's the same photographer my wife's sister used for theirs. We liked his work and it was a known quantity, if you will. Since he wasn't available, he offered up a handful of others he knew and I did my own research. I have to tell you, there are a lot of photographers who shouldn't be in the business...not for such important events. One didn't even do any retouching or printing...they just took the photos and gave you the files! The retouching is as important as taking the photos!

One of the references was Daniel Usenko. I visited his site ( and was blown away at his eye and the after shooting work done. I immediately called him and started talking and soon locked him up for our wedding. The minor detail was that he is up in Seattle and we were getting married in California so I had to cover his travel fees which was well worth it.

One of the things that really impressed me about him was his organization. He sent over four or five pages for me to fill out - who was in the family and the wedding party, what shots we wanted and who would be in the photos, which was more important - posed or candids, etc. It takes a bit of work up front but since he knew what we wanted, he could focus on delivering them which made us very happy. I asked my friends if they photographer had them fill out or specify any photos and they said no...the photographers had their own ideas of what to shoot and how.

And the photo book he created was amazing as well! The work he put into them as well as arrangement of the photos to tell the story was perfect.

Take a look at his site and blog!

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